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PS Masters is a community cricket club and have been participating in the community cricket tournaments since 2017. We are bunch of enthusiastic and positive minded people who are eager to play cricket for pride, fun and for the community.

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Our vision is to play cricket to increase the engagement with the community and to build player to carry PS Masters ensign to the topmost.

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Our Challenges

To achieve our targets for the next two years, we are desperately in need of financial supports. There are multiple areas where costs are directly involved and inevitable.

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News and Upcoming Updates of PS Masters


We are pleased to announce that PS Masters has not been Incorporated.



PS Masters is participating in Origin Cup 2019 for the first time. Origin is one of the biggest community Cricket tournaments in Australia. 

Origin Cricket Cup is a T20 cricket tournament, which aspires to unite the diverse multicultural Australian communities through a true blue Australian sport, cricket. This summer, the tournament will consist of teams from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka origin. It will be an outstanding showcase of community cricket featuring some of the aspiring players with ethnic backgrounds.

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